Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome! By having a Divineit account and using our services (including third party, which we use to operate our business, other third party or future third parties) you agree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy. You acknowledge to have read our polices, agree to them policies and will oblige by them. If you don’t agree with our terms & condition,  and privacy policy please do not use Divineit website or our other platforms including third party platforms directly or indirectly.


Update and Account policy

Divineit may revise or change the terms & conditions and privacy policy without notice and without your explicit consent. We may also make material and technical changes on the website at any moment without notice. Divineit may cancel, suspend, block or remove any accounts without notice and explanation.


Limited Liability

Divineit, Divineit suppliers, and third party which Divineit uses or works with will not be liable for any damages (loss of gift card, if your gift card is stolen, incorrect gift card balance, loss of your data, loss or stolen personal information, profit which you are making by buying and reselling gift cards and in any other event). In addition, we are not liable if you incur any kind of loss directly or indirectly (financial loss, time, experience, hardware loss, merchandise, good will, profits of any sorts, intangible loss) due to modifications, updates, bugs, glitches, website interruption, discontinuance of our website or any other inaccuracies on our website or by our third party services). Divineit is not liable if your account is hacked; information is stolen and used for making purchases on our website or on any other websites, including other platforms or third party which we may use. In addition, we are not liable if a merchant doesn’t accept the gift card in a transaction, rejects the gift card, doesn’t refund the purchaser for any reason, and if the merchant has closed its business temporally or permanently. Divineit does accept refunds within a 30 day period. We may issue a refund if your gift card is not working, you didn’t receive the gift card, and if the gift card balance is incorrect. We must confirm with the merchant to see if the information you have provided is correct or matches and only if the merchant issues Divineit a new gift card with the same value or refunds our money for that particular gift card, or refunds us the remaining balance left to be given in store credit or money, then only a refund will be issued. We will not give you a refund if your gift card is stolen and if the credit has already been used. When it comes to “Other reasons”, Divineit will use its judgment to see the right course of action and then it may or may not refund the purchaser money. Divineit will only reimburse up to lifetime limit of $500 dollars within 30 days of purchase.



Divineit makes and gives no warranties even if an employee gives oral or a written warranty. Divineit give no warranty even if it is implied or expressed by merchants, we don’t cover merchants warranty or merchants gift cards, and any other warranties for that matter.



Divineit website and content belongs to Divineit. You are prohibited to use, copy, distribute, and modify Divineit logo, content, tagline, website layout, slogans, trademarks, copyrights and features without our permission.



You are responsible for all your and our lawyers, attorneys and others fees and cost direct or indirect (if you violate our terms & condition, privacy policy, disputes, complaints, damages of our good will or in any events that involves Divineit, our employees, our suppliers, our third party which we use to operate our business or any other third parties).